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Advisory Board

Drs. Bas Roels is a senior policy advisor at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. As a biologist he has profound knowledge of biodiversity and how human beings relate to the ecosystem they are part of; as a policy advisor he knows how this relationship might be formed through government intervention.

Michiel Hobbelt Msc. was trained as a social psychologist. He currently focuses on the relationship between sustainability and subjective social well-being; in other words lasting happiness. Michiel gives lectures and workshops under the Dutch name Duurzaam Geluk.

Dr. Gerd Junne has been holding the chair in International Relations at the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands, for almost thirty years. After studying Political Science, Law and Economics in Berlin and Geneva, he worked at different German universities, and for several UN-agencies and Dutch Ministries. He is founder and chairman of The Network University (TNU).

Werner de Gruyter is a social psychologist and hosts bi-monthly documentary symposions as part of the CMPLX network. His broad and thorough thinking focuses on issues like how the individual is related to society, how society is organized into power structures, and on the role the Jungian collective subconscious plays in daily life.