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Chapter 4. Crisis Indicators

Arctic Methane and the Mind

In the chaotic process of global warming, methane release from permafrost is a wildcard. The possibility of a sudden release of huge quantities of methane seems to be increasing. Russian researchers Igor Semiletov and Natalia Shakova have found indications of increasing methane release off the coast of Siberia. If such a sudden release were to happen, a mass extinction event on earth is likely.

This is a short video, “Arctic Methane and the Mind” showing some evidence and questioning the way the human psyche deals with this intangible news.


Arctic Indicators

The Arctic can be considered the canary in the coal mine of climate change. The region around the North Pole tends to heat up much faster than the rest of the earth. This results in rapid ice melt. Much faster than the UN until recently anticipated.


Arctic Sea Ice is melting much, much faster than even the best climate models had projected. The reason is most likely unmodeled amplifying feedbacks. Image via Arctic Sea Ice Blog:

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Global Crises Dashboard

On these pages data and statistics related to converging global crises are collected.

Trends and Numbers

Crude oil price:

Brent Crude Oil Spot Price  Chart

Brent Crude Oil Spot Price Chart by YCharts

Oil production per capita:

Financial crisis 2008 damage in context:

Food price index:

Gold price:

CO2 levels:

Atmospheric CO2 data and trend

Average global temperature:

Deaths from nuclear power versus other energy sources: