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Chapter 3. Converging CrisesFinance

Understanding Finance and Economy

Chris Martenson

Economy is complex. A basic understanding of the big picture in crisis times is found with Chris Martenson. Chris, a somewhat peculiar but original and profound thinker, constructed a crash course explaining core concepts like money, rent, banking and resource depletion. Somewhat debatable, cataclysmic and US-centred but highly insightful.

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Four Horsemen – and other crisis documentaries

We are living in turbulent times. I could not help but coming to a selection of films screening at IDFA that not even make the point we are on a tipping point for our survival as a species, but rather depart from that point. Are we living in The End Times, as Slavoj Zizek puts it? The Four Horsemen in Ross Ashcrofts’ 2011 film are mere indicators for the tipping point we reach; banking crisis, terrorism, inequality and a resource crisis (see presentation below).

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Finance = Trust?

Money is power. It is a social construction. In fact, all media of exchange are. As soon as you start putting something in between trading bread for fish, you rely on a belief that the ‘something in between’, like gold or shells, will in the end get you something else that will roughly equal the worth of the thing you traded it for.

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