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This is an online manuscript (and off-line book) on how to live in times of converging global crises. An intellectual quest for wisdom in times of turbulence, connecting ideas by Jeremy Rifkin, Slavoj Zizek, Frans de Waal, Viktor Frankl, E.F. Schumacher, Gregory Bateson, Ken Robinson and others.

Why? In these complex ‘end times’, humanity is destroying its habitat. Ideology is seemingly obsolete, but since its demise advice on how to live is scarce. We try to fill that gap.

The Guide is being published yearly in hard copy in four editions, starting on December 21st 2012 (the alleged end date of the Mayan calendar). It is written by Sven Jense in close cooperation with a group of advisors and as part of the CMPLX documentary and knowledge network.

Currently our findings have inspired me to work on a documentary film showing real and comprehensive solutions to climate change, with the work of Jeremy Rifkin as a starting point. See for this the blog.

We start from this vision of a good life; a Declaration of Human Direction. Beyond analysis we strive to find direction, and to be as independent, factual, concise, interdisciplinary and passionate as possible. We like big pictures, and use sources from both science and the arts to support our arguments. We look for both the problems and catharses. This is a work in progress. It legitimizes us to lay hands on everything that provides us insights on how to live in this present moment, and that we feel is really, really valuable. Please feel free to think along or contact us.



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