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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Marshall (2014). Don’t Even Think About It.

Marshall (2014). Don’t Even Think About It. Why our Brains are Wired to Ignore Climate Change. New York: Bloomsbury


“the reason why people do not accept climate change is nothing to do with the information – it is the cultural coding that it contains.” p23

“Attitudes on climate change … have become a social cue like gun control: a shorthand for figuring out who is in our group” p23

“rational scientific data can lose against a compelling emotional story” p24

“during our evolutionary development … being out of sync with the people around us carried a potentially life-threatening danger of ostracism or abandonment. There are, therefore, real and serious risks involved with holding views that are out of step with your social group and your brain is wired to give them greater weight than other risks” p27

“drawing too much attention to an undesirable norm can seriously backfire.”… “Environmental organizations never seem to learn this message.” p30

“The missing truth … in these enemy narratives, is that in high-carbon societies, everyone contributes to the emissions that cause the problem. … This is why I have become convinced that the real battle for mass action will not be won through enemy narratives and that we need to find narratives based on cooperation, mutual interests, and our common humanity.” p42

“.. the real story lies in our flawed psychology… Climate change isn’t the elephant in the room; it’s the elephant we’re all inside of.” p43

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