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I’m currently working on a film about solutions for climate change. The work and ideas of Jeremy Rifkin are leading for now. Every social change requires a new narrative, and Rifkin’s narrative of the Third Industrial Revolution has brought him to be an advisor to the European Union and recently even to Chinese premier Li Keqiang.

If CO2 emissions remain unchecked, global warming will probably kill our children and put severe pressure on the survival of the human race. Big words but it’s simple math and complex science that leave not much room for uncertainty on these conclusions.

But doom stories – true or not true  – only lead us to despair.

To bring about a change, a Better and More story is far more effective then the ‘we should do less’ message that the environmental groups have been massively pushing. Look at Tesla’s highly successful strategy: make a car that is better, faster, cooler and greener than the old fossil fuel things. New buildings should be better and more comfortable and cheaper than the old not-so-well insulated buildings without solar roofs.

The new film will probably have the ‘look and feel’ of a nature documentary. Think David Attenborough meets Elon Musk meets Jeremy Rifkin meets 2001 a Space Odyssey.

Please let me know if you want to help in any way.

Here you find the Global Crisis Guide.

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