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Zizek’s Nose or Need for Borders

Slavoj Zizek touches his nose exactly 365 times during this 76 minute lecture. Once for each day of the year. I discovered it totally accidentally. Is he so boring that I am so easily distracted? Still it was gripping; from a psychological point of view he has a point, claiming that people in our globalised world might be needing more borders and boundaries, in stead of less. He makes the argument at nose-touch 188. The title of the video work: Distraction 188 (Sven Jense, 2011).

Touching the nose is a classic gesture of untruth, or hiding. And it’s never a bad idea to distrust a self-acclaimed communist. Turning towards his latest book though, Living in the End Times (Zizek, 2011), it makes more sense.

And wouldn’t you think that the nationalistic movements in many Western-European countries can be related to open borders and resulting feelings of insecurity? In terms of job-insecurity, these feelings are not at all unjustified.

This is why we argue for a healthy and partially closed nation state as basis for national governance and international cooperation; vision 10 of our Declaration of Human Direction.