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How the World developed Inequally

Eurasia only land mass with comparable climate. Source:

It’s Geography, stupid! The world developed in an inequal way mainly because of the way the landmasses are laid out. No decisive cultural differences, no genetically better races. Jared Diamond compellingly argues how it’s geography, because large landmasses with comparable climates result in more diverse species over time – and thus more species usefull to support human life. Like what? Like wheat and horses.

This gave Western peoples advantages like guns, germs and steel. PBC made a documentary series based on the book by that title. Watch it here. Brilliant.

Critique on the application of Diamonds arguments for the present time largely holds. His analysis is about how we got here before the modern age. At the present time social and scientific developments are rapidly overturning his logic. The main physical results of the processes he describes can be found in still poor areas in mainly rural Africa.