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Collateral Damage – Zygmunt Bauman (2011)

The unpredictable have advantage over the insecure.

Managers – those in power – nowadays speak not of duty but of “‘cultures’ and ‘networks’, ‘teams’ and ‘coalitions’ – and of ‘influences’ rather than of control”, Bauman argues (p. 47). It seems slightly Marxist to look at this managerial newspeak through the lenses of power; it decreases security for those managed. Bauman ultimately argues that those in power profit from depicting the world as complex and ambiguous.

Notes from Lux/NCRV programme:

Then: world lived longer than you did

Now: you perhaps live longer than the world (incl. social exclusion)

-> Liquid Fear

Security is reduced to Safety by governments

Safety = social semi-security

Strangers are everywhere; large cities, open borders. How to live with strangers? Skills needed

BUT safety-focus leads to gated communities etc -> decreases skills for dealing with strangers

Irena Bauman; move back to localism -> more trust.

Power nationstate vanished; how to get it back?